The Last 20 Percent

keep-calm-its-almost-finishedI’m getting pretty tired of saying “almost finished”, but it is really almost finished.  One could almost go so far as to say that we are currently experiencing the “old” 80/20 rule. 80% of the work on our Land Rover was completed relatively quickly and now the last 20% seems to take for ever! But thats no all, we don’t only have to complete work on the Land Rover we also have to start (rather late mind you) trimming our house hold down so that we have only a very small amount of stuff to put into storage. There are things in the basement that we so seldom use it doesn’t make much sense to go and hold onto them like pack rats.

Anyway, back to the Land Rover.  The cabinets are finally finished, the compressor cooler is installed, the bed is finished, and we’ve managed to install the Vinyl flooring (Which was quite the challenge considering that it supposed to be installed at or above 15 °C and now its January!  Well at least we have our heater to get us to the right temp).

Then there are the curtains to do, the cubbybox to repair or replace, a new turbo inter-cooler to install, the seats to refurbish (the foam is starting to disintegrate), the Zarges boxes to mount, and a thousand other little things to do before the 8th of March which is really the absolute latest as we are going to ship on the 12th.

We’ve still got a little over month, 6 weekends before it needs to be finished.

I guess we better get our asses in gear!