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Edmonton – “Pit Stop”

July 18th – 30th, 2015 We knew going into this trip that a big challenge for us, should something on the Land Rover break, would be finding parts. It’s not that Land Rovers aren’t sold in North America; it’s more that the Defender line was never sold so parts aren’t found just anywhere. You have […]

Labrador – The Big Land

(May 30 – June 8, 2015) Labrador is a very unique stretch of land. It is incredibly remote and sparsely populated. Its raw and untamed wilderness stretch out as far as the eye can see without a single sign of human interference and it makes you feel really insignificant and small. Here one could walk […]

Preparing for Departure

The first week of March was pretty hectic mostly because of the “why do today what you can do tomorrow” mentality that we both seem to have. As it so happens a lot of things were left to the last-minute, or in our case the last week.  We both worked almost every day on small […]

Time to re-trim the Defender Seats

The seats in our Land Rover Defender are finished, I mean really finished, finished enough that every time we sit in the seats a puff of foam dust comes out of the cracks around the metal base, looking much like a bad case of dandruff, and on the new black carpeting to boot! After almost […]

The Last 20 Percent

I’m getting pretty tired of saying “almost finished”, but it is really almost finished.  One could almost go so far as to say that we are currently experiencing the “old” 80/20 rule. 80% of the work on our Land Rover was completed relatively quickly and now the last 20% seems to take for ever! But […]

Storage is King

As the saying goes “the more you know, the less you need” however, for most of us the more comfort you want, the more “stuff” you inevitably end up wanting to take with you. Making the most of the available space becomes a top priority, though one that must be balanced with comfort.  For us […]

Webasto Air Heater

Lets not kid ourselves in some parts of the world winter comes early and stays long. While our Howling Moon roof tent is well built; sleeping in single digit temperatures for long periods can be wearing. The desire for warmth and coziness could push us to blowing our rather tight budget on hotels and motels. The […]

Long Term Vacations – Travel Insurance

There are a whole different set of things to worry about when you are planning long term vacations. When most of the vacations taken are between 2 and 3 weeks things like travel insurance and such tend not to be considered; your insurance plan covers you while on holiday (for the most part).  Things tend […]

Addons Galore

Our landrover got some much needed addons, ok they have been planned for some time it had just taken some time for our roof rack from Qualan to arrive, now that it was here we could add our Howling Moon and Foxwing after which we would be ready to test them out during our August […]