Addons Galore

Our landrover got some much needed addons, ok they have been planned for some time it had just taken some time for our roof rack from Qualan to arrive, now that it was here we could add our Howling Moon and Foxwing after which we would be ready to test them out during our August vacation.

My parents were visiting from Canada and since Dad is a carpenter and all around handy he was put to work straight away.  His efforts catapulted the conversion forward quite a bit with his knowhow and ability with hand tools.

Speaking of hand-tools. The difficulty of producing quality work increases exponentially with the complexity of the work and when the available tools are limited to a handsaw, jigsaw and drill.  We, and by we I mean my father, kept having to adjust the construction complexity and expectations downward otherwise we would have just been disappointed.  I am still very pleased of the results and just hope that I can complete the construction with similar quality.