Long Term Vacations – Travel Insurance

There are a whole different set of things to worry about when you are planning long term vacations. When most of the vacations taken are between 2 and 3 weeks things like travel insurance and such tend not to be considered; your insurance plan covers you while on holiday (for the most part).  Things tend to get a bit more complicated when your trip goes over the 1 month mark and continues to get more complicated when over 12 months.  Thats what we are currently having to deal with right now.  In our case its not just trying to find the right travel insurance coverage but also trying to find an autom0bile insurance that will cover our almost 20 year old Defender in the Americas (Sadly our auto insurance is only good for the EU and Scandinavia).

For our Health insurance we are currently looking at what the ADAC has to offer, as well as, an offering from Allianz for people under 39 (Sadly no longer an option for me). What we have found is that the longer the trip the more expensive (per day) the insurance tends to get.  There is usually a rate from 1 to 365 days and then a more expensive rate for days 366 to 730.  The insurance tends to cover only emergencies. If you want more comprehensive insurance the price doubles or quadruples. Here are a few links we found for more comprehensive insurance packages.

Insurance Companies

  • WorldNomads – about twice as expensive as ADAC but with a bit more coverage
  • WorldWideInsure – up to 18 month coverage
  • HanseMurkur  – this is standard medical care not just for emergencies and is about 3 times more expensive than ADAC

There are, of course, many other companies that offer travel insurance, but these were of interest to us since we are based in Europe (Germany).

Take a look at what coverages your automobile club where you live offers, also don’t forget that most credit card companies also offer travel insurance, though they tend to only offer coverage for a few weeks to a month.

Do you know of any other companies offering inexpensive travel insurance?