Auto Insurance – Drama Continued

We actually found a solution for the troubles described in Auto Insurance – What a Fricken Drama although it didn’t quite turn out how we thought it would… 

We were getting a bit nervous since we still hadn’t heard from our insurer but we had already delivered our auto to Hamburg to be shipped to Halifax.  I called to check just about every other day and was beginning to feel like I was being an annoyance.  Eventually they told us we would definitely get our auto insurance with their new company “Progressive Insure”, they just couldn’t tell us how high the premium was going to be.

That’s not a Camper

Not expecting anything bad and absolutely certain that the premiums couldn’t possibly be as high as the one from Thum we gave our verbal ok.. Shortly thereafter we got the package in the mail and couldn’t believe what we were seeing, a 6 month premium for 3rd party insurance for 1200 Euro!!  We double checked with them and sure enough it wasn’t a mistake.

The problem is that Progressive doesn’t recognize our Land Rover camper as a camper, more specifically if it doesn’t have a permanently built in kitchen it’s not a camper, so they will only write a policy for a regular car.  Apparently that is supposed to explain the incredibly high premium.  We thanked Tour Insure for enquiring for us with Progressive but declined.

A Bitter pill

As it turns out the price of 2300 USD for a one year auto insurance policy from Thum Insurance is, in fact, the best deal for us.  If we had built our Camper differently, so that we could cook inside, maybe we would have be able to get a reduced rate from Progressive.  The price put a bit of damper on our spirits but in this situation it’s the only real solution for us.  We are happy at least to close the book on this drama, at least for this year!