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Guatemala – Arrival in Central America

(1st  June – 3rd July 2016) were close to crossing the border of the first central American country on our southbound journey without a clue as to what awaited us. At the beginning of our trip we hadn’t even considered spending any time at all in the country. With everything that was reported on the […]

Chiapas – Mexicos Colorful South

(16th May – 1st June 2016) The unbearable heat continued as we finally crossed the border into the state of Chiapas, which we had heard about often even before entering Mexico. It’s beauty, nature, indigenous peoples, and the infamous Zapatistas – freedom fighters which are still active in the region. We were quite excited and […]

Sleepless in Oaxaca

(29th April – 16th May, 2016) The 800km from Morelia to Oaxaca passed relatively uneventfully and within only a few days. Due to poor camping opportunities and lack of any worthwhile things for us to visit. Nothing seemed to hold our attention and so we didn’t stay anywhere longer than a night.  The most interesting […]

Parícutin – Magical Volcano

(15th – 21st April, 2016) The state of Michoacán  has a very bad reputation, and not just with foreigners either. It was almost like when we crossed from the USA into Mexico when we told people where we were heading. The worried faces looking back at us spoke volumes along with the many stories ranging […]

Baja California North – Bienvenidos a Mexico

(26th February – 7th March, 2016) When you plan to travel to Mexico it is not exactly the best idea to travel through the USA beforehand as the level of negative propaganda and fear mongering is unbelievable.  Almost everyone, who we told that we were planning to go to Mexico, had the same series of […]

Spring in Southern California

(9th – 26th February, 2016) With blue skies and a spring like 20 °C we left Las Vegas behind us and headed for the second time in the direction of California. We took the US 95 in southern Nevada heading first for the infamous area 51.  Curious, we tried very hard to see anything interesting […]