Vancouver Island

(31st October  – 7th December, 2015)

After almost 7 months living like free roaming gypsies we felt that it was time to start thinking a bit about our finances. Our budget was pretty small to begin with and if we wanted to be able to travel longer we would need to sooner or later take a break from travelling and earn some money. Thankfully we (or more correctly one of us) was able to work remotely. Gary’s former employer Contens GmbH had agreed to let him work as a freelancer from time to time – naturally if they have enough work available. Gary had already contacted Contens and arranged work for November and so we needed to find a suitable and affordable apartment, which turned out to be quite a lot more difficult than we imagined. It wasn’t about finding a place in the perfect location or with super amenities or anything like that, it was more important to find a place that had a separate room so that Gary could work undisturbed. Of course and full kitchen and Internet were also a must. We searched the entire southern British Columbia online for apartments or similar only to discover that just about everything was way over our budget. It took quite a while until we finally found a relatively affordable place through AirBnB. Thankfully November is shoulder season so we were able to get a halfway good price too; that the apartment we found was on Vancouver Island was just icing on the cake – we wanted to spend time on the island anyway.

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