Parícutin – Magical Volcano

(15th – 21st April, 2016)

The state of Michoacán  has a very bad reputation, and not just with foreigners either. It was almost like when we crossed from the USA into Mexico when we told people where we were heading. The worried faces looking back at us spoke volumes along with the many stories ranging from “it’s not all that bad” to “fill up your tank before crossing the border and don’t stop for anything (not even to pee) and whatever you do don’t leave the Cuota!” The worst was in the neighboring state of Jalisco were everyone seemed to believe Michoacán  is the most dangerous place, so dangerous in fact that we should, if possible, avoid it and only when there is no other option to drive through –  and then as fast as possible and don’t forget only during daylight hours! We avoided the coastal region as everyone seemed to agree that it truly is really dangerous only visiting the most northerly region. Of course, no Cuota leads there. With a somewhat unsettled feeling we ventured into the territory. What we certainly hadn’t expected with our visit was that we would end up having some of the most amazing experiences and enjoy the most gracious of hospitality not only of Mexico but our entire trip so far.

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Jalisco, Mexico – Cowboys, Tequila and Hot Chilies

(30th March – 15th April, 2016)

Just after leaving the harbor we were plunged into the turbulent chaos that is the traffic of Mazatlan and it was made abundantly clear to us what was meant by the “light version” and the “real” Mexico – at least where the traffic was concerned. In comparison to the Baja we once again found ourselves in a completely different world.  The roads were packed with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and people and when we thought that the driving style on the Baja was a bit hard-hitting we were forced to realize that we really had no idea! Tailgating within mere centimeters of the car in front, crazy overtaking maneuvers and motorcycles squeezing through impossible gaps on either side were now the order of the day. Of course, everything was also suddenly more hectic, louder, and dynamic. We spent a few days outside the city on the Pacific and one more-or-less unwilling sleepless night directly in the city where we, completely unexpectedly, landed in the middle of the yearly Harley-Davidson meetup before leaving the coast to head inland through the states of Sinaloa and Nayarit.

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