Labrador – The Big Land

(May 30 – June 8, 2015)

Labrador is a very unique stretch of land. It is incredibly remote and sparsely populated. Its raw and untamed wilderness stretch out as far as the eye can see without a single sign of human interference and it makes you feel really insignificant and small. Here one could walk into the wilderness and be utterly and completely alone, you wouldn’t even really have to walk very far. There is an indescribable appeal and beauty to the vastness, the wildness and starkness of the landscape of Labrador. There is so much to see and experience, and so much we have not. Without a doubt Labrador has made a very big impact on us and has contributed hugely to the adventurous part of our journey so far.

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(May 11 – May 30, 2015)

We spent quite a long time deciding on whether we would come here or not. The weather forecasts, amounts of snow, and the reactions of the people who we told, a somewhat surprised look followed by a smirk to outright laughter, made us think twice. Then at some point we both just decided to make a go of it regardless of the weather or of what people had told us. Besides we packed our winter things and not just for nothing either… Now after almost three weeks on this rather rugged island we are really happy that we made the decision to come. Newfoundland has really exceeded our expectations!
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Nova Scotia

(April 28 – May 11, 2015)

We are finally underway! The 2 weeks we originally planned to stay at Gary’s parents ended up being almost 4 weeks. Mostly to blame are the hefty colds that we were greeted with upon arrival in Canada, that and a whole lot of „odds and ends“ that we wanted to take care of, which of course ended up taking much longer than we anticipated…

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